In order to ensure efficient entry of medical ambulances to the restricted area of ​​Warsaw Chopin Airport, it is necessary to follow these rules:
  1. 6 hours before a planned flight, handling agent reports to the Airport Duty Officer a planned entry of the medical ambulance to the restricted area.
    1. The application should be submitted in writing using the form available here
  2. In the event of departure, the passenger may be admitted into the restricted area solely on the basis of a valid boarding card or equivalent.
  3. After the check-in of the passenger, the medical team in an ambulance heads to the gate No. 1, where it is subjected to screening procedures and access control.
  4. In the case of arrival, the medical team of the ambulance goes directly to the gate No.1, where it is subjected to screening procedures and access control.
  5. Each entry or exit from the restricted zone by non-passengers is possible only if the visitors hold a special ID passes issued by the Office of Safety and Security at the gate No. 1.
  6. After entering the restricted area, the ambulance drives to the plane, accompanied by Airport Guards (SOL).
  7. These rules also apply in the case of entry of the medical ambulance transporting organs for transplant for a General Aviation flight. Handling agent or airline shall notify each such entry submitting the required data. Notification of such entry does not have to be made 6 hours before the planned flight, however, as soon as possible.
  8. In a situation where a medical team arrives at the airport with the intention of air travel without a transplant organ in transport, the team is obliged to undergo a procedure of access control and security control at the passenger terminal according to the rules applying also to the passengers.
  9. Contact details:
    1. Airport Duty Officer - fax 22 650 22-55 or, tel. 22 650 15 55
    2. Airport Emergency Medical Team 22 650 24-44 22 650 26-01
  10. SOL Assist is a subject to a fee according to the price list of Chopin Airport non-aviation services [link].

NOTE: If a passenger who requires continuous medical care during transport, lands at Chopin Airport in Warsaw and no medical team from outside the airport comes to pick up the passenger, handling agent notifies the Airport Medical Team and transfers the passenger under the care of this team.