As of 1 June 2012 Chopin Airport is linked to Legionowo and Sulejówek Miłosna (through the city centre) by a railway service. The service is operated by two companies: Szybka Kolej Miejska – SKM (Fast Urban Railway) and Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railways).
  • Szybka Kolej Miejska - dojazd

    Szybka Kolej Miejska

    Chopin Airport is served by two SKM Szybka Kolej Miejska (Fast Urban Railway) lines, S2 and S3.
    • SKM S2 trains provide service along the following route:

      WARSZAWA LOTNISKO CHOPINA (Warsaw Chopin Airport) – Warszawa Służewiec – Warszawa Żwirki i Wigury – Warszawa Rakowiec – Warszawa Al. Jerozolimskie – Warszawa Zachodnia – Warszawa Ochota – Warszawa Śródmieście – Warszawa Powiśle – Warszawa Stadion – Warszawa Wschodnia – Warszawa Rembertów – Warszawa Wesoła – Warszawa Wola Grzybowska – Sulejówek – SULEJÓWEK MIŁOSNA.
    • SKM S3 trains operate on a shortened route:

      WARSZAWA LOTNISKO CHOPINA (Warsaw Chopin Airport) – Warszawa Służewiec – Warszawa Żwirki i Wigury – Warszawa Rakowiec – Warszawa Al. Jerozolimskie – Warszawa Zachodnia – WARSZAWA CENTRUM (Central Railway Station).

      A new S30 line will operate from WARSZAWA WSCHODNIA station along the following route: Warszawa Praga – Warszawa Toruńska – Warszawa Żerań – Warszawa Płudy – Warszawa Choszczówka – Legionowo – LEGIONOWO PIASKI/WIELISZEW.

      See timetable
  • Koleje Mazowieckie - dojazd

    Koleje Mazowieckie

    Chopin Airport is also served by KML airport trains operated by Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railways).

    See timetable

Tickets and fares

Buses and SKM trains serving Chopin Airport are part of the Public Transport Authority of Warsaw’s (Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego – ZTM) public transport network. The stops near the airport are located in the first fare zone.

Chopin Airport commuters can buy ZTM tickets:

  • at the Passenger Information Point in the arrivals hall,
  • from ticket machines placed at bus stops and next to the train station entrance,
  • from ticket machines in SKM trains and on some buses,
  • from bus drivers.

Separate tickets are needed for Koleje Mazowieckie. However, some ZTM tickets are also valid on KM trains.

Tickets accepted on trains


1. ZTM-KM-WKD common ticket

In the first and second ZTM fare zone, Koleje Mazowieckie accepts the following ZTM tickets:
  • 90 day,
  • 30 day,
  • 24 hour,
  • weekend
  • weekend group tickets
  • tickets for children from families with at least three children

Detailed information about the ZTM-KM-WKD integrated ticket offer

2. All Public Transport Authority of Warsaw tariff tickets are valid on SKM trains.

Moreover, all Masovian Railways tariff tickets are valid on S2 and S3 lines of SKM trains on the Warsaw Chopin Airport – Warszawa Płudy route. You can travel by SKM trains (and other municipal transport services) with the ‘Warsaw Ticket’ (link).

On Masovian Railway trains, only on the KML line, on the Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina – Warszawa Płudy section, all ZTM tariff tickets (including single and time-limit tickets) are valid indefinitely.

ATTENTION! Passengers who, upon entering KML trains, have non-legalized / non-activated ZTM ticket, are obliged to enter the train through the first door (from the front of the train) and report to the train manager in order to legalize or activate the ticket.

Additionally, passengers who have the Masovian Railways ‘Bilet Lotniskowy’ (Airport Ticket), may with no extra charges, use all means of public transport (buses, trams, metro, SKM trains) in the first ticket zone. The ticket is valid for 60 minutes from the time indicated by the passenger. Upon entering the public transport vehicle, the passenger is obliged to write the time on the ticket in a clear and permanent way and the 60-minute period will be counted from this time.

3. Warsaw Ticket

Commuters can also use the Warsaw Ticket (Bilet Warszawski) to travel by SKM or any other means of public transport. "More information about Warsaw Ticket".