Information of the Chief Sanitary Inspector: Last few weeks, there were multiple cases of respiratory illness in China, Italy and South Korea (up-dated list of countries available on,, that were accompanied with signs and symptoms of cough, fever, dyspnoea and difficulty breathing.
Information for persons returning from countries impacted by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
If you travelled to those countries during last 14 days and you encounter those symptoms, please call sanitary-epidemiological station immediately or visit the department of infectious diseases at a hospital where an adequate medical procedure would be prescribed.

From February 25, at Warsaw Chopin Airport, a so-called "Medical Entry Screening", i.e. temperature measurement for all the passengers arriving directly from Italy and China (temperature measurement is carried out on board the aircraft so that any signs of infection are identified before the passengers enter the terminal) has been introduced. Decisions regarding passengers from countries for which the abovementioned the procedure is the responsibility of the state services.

Passengers' Location Cards are still collected from passengers of selected flights (these are documents sent to national sanitary services). The airport's medical services are ready to provide information about passengers with suspicious symptoms 24 hours a day, as well as passengers who are concerned about their health (contact indication includes, e.g., temperature above 38⁰C, coughing, shortness of breath).

The procedures have been introduced for an indefinite period and will be effective until they are changed or canceled.

Additional information and recommendations on the epidemiological situation can be found on the airport's website: and on and