Summer, holidays and hot weather is the time when we especially need to ensure proper hydration of the body. We would like to remind you that in the restricted zone of the Warsaw Chopin Airport terminal, a free drinking water fountains for passengers are available.
Free drinking water at Warsaw Chopin Airport
The water fountains are available in the so-called transit zone, behind the security control zone. The drinking bowls are equipped with taps, which enable the passengers to pour water into the cups or fill the bottles.

Two water fountains with free water are located in the Schengen area, one in non-Schengen. Water from the equipment meets all the required drinking water standards.

Warsaw Chopin Airport was the first airport in Poland and one of the first airports in the region, where passengers were given access to free drinking water.

- Access to drinking water is very important for adequate comfort and health of the passengers, especially during summer heat. The water fountains were installed last year at the terminal and anyone waiting for a flight at our airport can drink free or fill a bottle with water - says Hubert Wojciechowski, director of the Marketing and PR Office at Chopin Airport.

Free water fountains for the passengers have been made available by Warsaw Chopin Airport, together with the Municipal Water Supply and Sewage Company of the Capital City of Warsaw S.A.
Location of points:

    Point 1 (Schengen zone) - to the left, from security control in the AB zone
    Point 2 (Schengen area) - near Gate 38/39
    Point 3 (non-Schengen zone) - next to Gate 21/22