From today on, the coordinators, stewards and taxi rank personnel at Warsaw Chopin Airport will be dressed in matching uniforms. The change was made for the ease and convenience of passengers using the services of taxi companies recommended by the airport.
Employees of taxi companies more visible at Chopin Airport
The employees of ELE Taxi, Sawa Taxi and Super Taxi will now be more recognizable. It will be easier for the passengers to find them and use the services recommended taxis. This will affect not only the convenience of customers, but also their safety.

- After many years, thanks to our determined actions, we were able to get rid of taxi mafia at Chopin Airport. Currently, we can focus on improving the quality of services provided by accredited airport taxi corporations. One of the elements of caring for the customers’ convenience is the introduction of single, characteristic and distinctive uniforms. As a result, it will be easier for the passengers to order a taxi - says Mariusz Szpikowski, director of Warsaw Chopin Airport. - We hope, that the changes will raise the level of comfort of our customers. Soon we are planning to introduce another new solution - a Kiss and Fly zone, which will simplify the drop-off of passengers traveling by private cars. "

The uniforms were prepared in different variants, so the fit the weather conditions, and the type of work (indoor or outdoor). Uniforms, beyond the clear, visible emblems of taxi corporations, have a logo Chopin Airport.