Chopin Airport was awarded with the title of an IDOL among the institutions and companies friendly to the blind. The award was granted on the basis of votes cast by disabled passengers in the poll organized by the Szansa dla Niewidomych Foundation.
Chopin Aiport an IDOL of the blind
The recognition of voters was gained by tyflographic maps which help the blind navigate through the airport. Currently at Chopin Airport there are four such maps: in front of the departure hall, at the bus stop close to the departure hall, in front of the arrivals hall and at SKM train station.

Maps are not only for the blind. Graphic design allows to see the differences between objects for the partially sighted people and also those suffering from color blindness. They may also be used by other passers-byes, and not only Polish. Messages about the most important objects at the airport and directions, are also given in English.

Maps are also equipped with a so-called. beacon, or bluetooth transmitter. As a result, a person with an Your Way application can copy the map to a smartphone and use it while walking in the terminal.
Chopin Airport cares for the needs of other physically impaired people. Last year, as the first airport or train station in Poland, it has received a certificate from the Integracja Foundation - BUILDING WITHOUT BARRIERS, awarded to public venues, offices, commercial and residential buildings.