Confusing, overlapping sounds from the speakers are a thing of the past. Chopin Airport has joined the "silent" airports group, which limit the number of voice messages to an absolute minimum.
Chopin Airport limits the number of voice messages
Just like at the London City airport, as well as in Bristol, Barcelona and Helsinki, the passengers in Warsaw will feel the positive effects of silence on their mood and behaviour. Instead of voice messages provided by the airport loudspeaker system, the messages will be shown on the displays of the airport FIDS information system. We encourage the passengers to pay attention to the information displayed on monitors available all along the way from the security check to the boarding gates. We also encourage the travellers to pay attention to the boarding time.
- In the case of the "silent airport" the principle is that less is better. Limiting the number of notices given through the speakers, and at the same time reducing their audibility to the zones to which they relate, increase the sensitivity of the passengers to the messages. Personalized, clear messages announced in rare intervals draw the attention of the right audience, rather than distract all the passengers and clutter the space with an unnecessary noise - explains Radoslaw Paruzel, deputy director of the airport.
In the transfer area of the passenger terminal (after security check) the passengers will find numerous signs informing about the fact that audio messages of the last phase of boarding - the so-called. "Final calls" calling the last passengers to their gate – will not be made outside the gate to which the flight has been assigned. Only there you will be able to hear also the message about changing the gate number. This is a significant change from the current situation, because the passengers visiting the restaurants and doing shopping must themselves monitor their flight status, which is presented on the monitors.
- It is very important that the airport will not reduce the number of audio messages informing about leaving baggage unattended. In the area of maintaining the highest safety standards, Chopin Airport never compromises - stresses Mr. Paruzel.