Luggage lockers

There are 27 luggage lockers of different sizes on the arrivals level of Terminal A, on the sidewalk behind the public bus stop. Bags can be left for up to 72 hours. The charge is collected for each 24 hours, i.e. you can leave your bag for a couple of hours or as little as a few minutes, but you need to pay for a whole day.

The charge is payable in advance, in Polish zlotys. Depending on the size of the locker, the price varies from PLN 12 to 16 per day. The machines  accept payment cards and cash (only coins 1, 2, 5 zlotys and do not give any change).

The lockers cannot be used to store valuables, electronic devices and flammable items. Detailed rules and instructions on how to use the lockers are available on the spot.

Type of luggage lockersHeightWidthDepthDimensions of the door
luggage locker640 mm600 mm940 mm600 mm X 540 mm
ski locker1920 mm400 mm500 mm1920 mm X 300 mm
golf locker960 mm600 mm930 mm960 mm X 540 mm