Chopin Airport has a long established policy of comprehensive environmental protection

With a view to minimising the noise impact on nearby residents, a proper air traffic organisation and a night operations curfew have been introduced. Further work is carried out in co-operation with the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency in order to introduce a number of solutions aimed at limiting noise emissions, including new take-off and landing procedures.

The aircraft noise charges collected at Warsaw Airport encourage air carriers to use modern low noise aircraft.

Moreover, regular research on changes in acoustic conditions is conducted, based on noise measurements and acoustic maps. Its results are submitted to the local authorities and can be viewed online.

According high importance to the reduction of pollutant emissions, ‘Polish Airports’ State Enterprise intends to introduce an air quality monitoring system and develop an air pollution dispersion model. Data obtained from the measurements and modelling will help formulate a policy aimed at the reduction of air pollutant emissions.